U-Pick Apples at CherryHawk Farm

Open Thurs Sat Sept 21 as some school districts do not have school. Also open Fri Sept 22, Sat Sept 23 and Sun Sept 24. We have lots of apples, mix and match, $15 a peck.

East of Marysville, close to Dublin, Hilliard, Delaware, Powell, Worthington, and Columbus. The simple apple-picking experience your grandparents might have enjoyed. Loaded trees in a

quiet, natural setting.

Hours are 11 am to 7 pm. Pricing is $15 a peck. 10 to 12 lbs. We have containers for you to use.

No flip-flops or dogs please.

Feel free to bring a picnic and a blanket. Forms of payment cash, check, cards, contactless. We will be open in the rain but not in thunderstorms. Call (937) 642-6442 for an update on the weather.

Varieties Ripe
Williams Pride  gone July/August
RedFree ripe-now July/August
Jonafree  ripe-now August/September
Gala  gone August/September
Honeycrisp  gone August/September
McIntosh ripe-now August/September
Red Delicious  gone September/October
Yellow Delicious  ripe-now September/October
Mutsu ripe-now October
Enterprise October
Braeburn October/November
Granny Smith October/November
ripe-now = Variety is ripe now.
Directions from nearest freeway, Rt. 33
  1. From Rt. 33 take the Scottslawn exit and continue north on Scottslawn.
  2. Go left/north on Watkins. [This is tricky, Watkins is a curve onto which you can go left or right, you want left/north.]
  3. Take Watkins to the Hinton Mill intersection, turn right/east.
  4. Take Hinton Mill to Springdale, you can only turn left, turn left/north.
  5. Drive a mile or so until you cross a bridge, our farm is on the right just after the bridge.
  6. Yard sign says CherryHawk Farm.
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