U-Pick Apples at CherryHawk Farm

Apple picking the way it used to be. Experience what your parents and grandparents might have in our apple orchard. Over a dozen varieties ripen over the season in a beautiful, natural setting. An easy drive in the country from Columbus, Hilliard, Dublin, Powell, Delaware, and Worthington.

Our u-pick apple orchard is open Friday, Saturday and Sundays from 11am till 7pm. Please arrive by 6pm so you have time to enjoy your visit.

Field of sunflowersSunflower update: SORRY TO SAY THERE WILL BE NO SUNFLOWERS THIS YEAR. The first planting did not make it through the flood and the second planting did not get enough rain.

UPDATE as of Oct 27. This coming weekend Fri the 28th, Sat the 29th, and Sun the 30th will be our last open weekend of the year. The recent temperature swings in the weather have hurt the quality of the fruit a bit so we will be having a buy a peck bag, get a peck bag free sale. Good time to stock up! Also there might be rain on Sunday, if it gets bad we might close that day. Will update here.

Apple VarietyRipe & Available?Month Expected
Williams PrideoverJuly/ August
RedFreeoverJuly/ August
JonaFreeyesAugust/ September
GalaoverAugust/ September
HoneycrispoverAugust/ September
McIntoshoverAugust/ September
Red DeliciousyesSeptember/ October
Yellow/Golden DeliciousyesSeptember/ October
MutsuyesSeptember/ October
Green MysteryyesOctober
EnterpriseyesOctober/ November
BraeburnoverOctober/ November
Granny SmithoverOctober/ November

Directions from 33 West

  • Exit at Scottslawn Road, at the end of the ramp turn right
  • Turn left/north on Watkins Road. [This is tricky, Watkins is a curve, you can go left or right, you want left/north.]
  • Take Watkins Road to the Hinton Mill Road intersection, turn right/east.
  • Take Hinton Mill Road to Springdale Road, you can only turn left, turn left/north.
  • Drive a mile or so until you cross a bridge, our farm is on the right just after the bridge.
  • Look for the driveway with a big red apple flag and an enter sign.

Helpful links

  1. How to make homemade applesauce
  2. How to make apple butter


Dogs are not allowed in the main orchard or the sunflowers. They can stay in your vehicle with the windows cracked (weather permitting) or be walked on a leash in the parking area. Please be prepared to clean up any dog poop and do so promptly.

Flip flops and sandals are not recommended. Please wear sturdy shoes covering your feet. We have rough terrain in the fields.