U-Pick Apples at CherryHawk Farm

Apple picking the way it used to be. Experience what your parents and grandparents might have in our apple orchard. Over a dozen varieties ripen over the season in a beautiful, natural setting. An easy drive in the country from Columbus, Hilliard, Dublin, Powell, Delaware, and Worthington.

The storms that came through today knocked a lot of the RedFree to the ground. We will be open and do have some to pick, but not as many as yesterday. We also have a few pre-picked. Might not be a bad idea to plan your apple picking for Labor Day weekend.

We are projecting Gala, McIntosh and Honeycrisp to be ready for picking on Labor Day weekend. We expect to open on Gala and McIntosh on Friday Aug 30th. We expect to add Honeycrisp on Sat Aug 31st. We should have Gala, McIntosh and Honeycrisp (if there are any left) on Sun Sept 1st and Monday September 2nd. Stay tuned in case things change thanks to mother nature.

Apple VarietyRipe?Month Expected
Williams PridenoJuly/ August
RedFreeyesJuly/ August
JonaFreenoAugust/ September
GalanoAugust/ September
HoneycrispnoAugust/ September
McIntoshnoAugust/ September
Red DeliciousnoSeptember/ October
Yellow DeliciousnoSeptember/ October
FujinoSeptember/ October
EnterprisenoOctober/ November
BraeburnnoOctober/ November
Granny SmithnoOctober/ November

Directions from nearest freeway, Route 33 | Get Google map directions >

  • From Rt. 33 take the Scottslawn Road exit and continue north on Scottslawn Road.
  • Go left/north on Watkins Road. [This is tricky, Watkins is a curve onto which you can go left or right, you want left/north.]
  • Take Watkins Road to the Hinton Mill Road intersection, turn right/east.
  • Take Hinton Mill Road to Springdale Road, you can only turn left, turn left/north.
  • Drive a mile or so until you cross a bridge, our farm is on the right just after the bridge.
  • Look for the yard sign by the driveway that says CherryHawk Farm.

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