CherryHawk Farm Professional Photography Policy and Request Form

Professional photographers must request permission before setting any client dates or arriving at the farm. Please be sure to plan ahead as it is hard for us to accommodate last minute requests.  Permission request process: submit the form below.

We will review the request and reply back via email as soon as possible (Do not call the farm for permission. Only online or paper requests will be considered.) Permission is given on a single-session basis. Please complete a separate form for additional sessions. 

We do charge for photography shoots. Fees are $100.00 per shoot/client/session.

Please check in upon arrival and pay. 

Please schedule during our open hours; please check website weekly. We reserve the right to limit the number of photographers on any given day or time frame. Availability for a given day and time will be on a first request and payment basis. Appointments outside open hours may be scheduled if possible.

We will not direct your clients to you or entertain them while they are waiting for you. Please arrive with them or meet them in the parking area.

Parking is allowed only in the main parking area.

No vehicles are allowed in the fields. Any use of commercial screens, external power sources, panels, backdrops, props, commercial lighting, or other professional equipment must be detailed in the photography form and pre-approved. Drones are not allowed. (We are close to an airport and want to protect the privacy of our customers.)

Photo shoots must not block any orchard activities such as customers’ picking, paths, equipment, buildings, etc.

Do not leave any personal items unattended. This includes leaving material in the field between clients. We are not responsible for anything lost, broken, stolen, or left behind. 

Respect and be aware of orchard customers and what is going on around you. This is a working farm and business so aside from customers there can be tractors, machinery, and other work happening. Anyone disturbing our customers or business will be asked to leave.

Those not following this policy may be asked to put away their equipment or leave the farm. Farm staff reserve the right to ask you to leave the farm at any time. We want our apple picking customers to feel comfortable while here.

Taking photos of customers who are not your clients – especially minors – without written permission from someone of legal age is not allowed.

CherryHawk Farm Professional Photography Request Form

    I, the undersigned, of legal age, on behalf of myself and the group, organization, or clients I represent hereby indemnify and hold CherryHawk Farm harmless for any personal injury, lost or stolen articles or damaged property caused by anyone associated with my photography group using the farm facilities or on the farm premises.