Visiting the Sunflower Field


Included with a minimum purchase of one peck of apples. If you do not want a lot of apples, put the amount you want in your bag. The bag price is good for one person, a couple of two, or an immediate family.


Do not slow down or stop on Springdale Road to view the flowers. This is a traffic hazard.  Do not park on the road or the entrance lane to visit the flowers. This is a traffic hazard. Please drive all the way down the entrance lane. Look for and avoid people walking on and across the lane as you drive. At the end of the lane, park by the parking signs. Go to the pavilion to pay. Then follow the grass paths back to the flowers. The flowers will still be there when you get there. If you park on Springdale Road or the entrance lane, you will be asked to move your car.


The bag price includes one stem to take home, additional stem pricing TBD.


Casual family photos anywhere in the orchard and in the sunflowers is included in the price of a bag of apples. Photographers with paying clients please see our Professional Photographer page for our photo policy.